Inadequately explained injury

(Child abuse)

Abusive head trauma
Domestic violence
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse

  • Define the different types of child maltreatment
  • List the risk factors for child maltreatment
  • Recognize normal and abnormal patterns of injury in children

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

Maguire S. Which injuries may indicate child abuse?  Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed 2010 95: 170-177.

Overview article in BMJ.

The medical assessment of bruising in suspected child maltreatment cases: A clinical perspective.

Canadian Pediatric Society statement (2013)

Clinical Resources

Child and youth maltreatment: Current evidence and future prospects. Special Theme Issue. Paediatrics and Child Health 2013; 18(8).

A collection of articles about prevention, intimate partner violence, traumatic head injury, bruising, neglect, burns, sexual assault.

Virtual Patients or Cases

Altered Level of Consciousness

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Patient case on altered level of consciousness.

Clinical Presentations