Physical Examination Resources

Pediatric Physical Exam

Hand hygiene video.

Video from NEJM that outlines rationale and technique for hand washing. A must see.

Pediatric Physical Exam Videos

Select “pediatric physical examination” on the page. This is an excellent video with tips on examining all ages of kids. Includes how to immobilize for the physical exam. Graphics are out of date, but the video quality and message is outstanding. 

Developmental Milestones

Seven-minute video on developmental milestones. Search site for “developmental milestone” under “pediatrics.” 

Pediatric Neurologic Examination

OR Google “Pediatric Neurologic Exam”

Short video vignettes with written descriptions 0f the neurodevelopmental exam for newborns, 3 month-olds, 6 month-olds, 12 month-olds, 18 month-olds, and 2-and-a-half year-olds. Good review of clinical exam.

University of British Columbia Learn Pediatrics website:

Video of the abdominal exam in a child. Detailed video demonstrating the abdominal physical examination techniques. 

Evaluation of the child with joint pain or swelling

Video of pediatric musculoskeletal screening exam: pGALS (gait, arms, legs, spine). 

Shaikh N et al. Diagnosing Otitis Media- Ostoscopy and Cerumen Removal.

NEJM Videos in Clinical Medicine. 2010; 362: e62.

NEJM video accessible on line through ‘articles and Multimedia’ 

Good visuals of various middle ear pathologies. Below video image, choose “chapters” – focus on Chapters 1,2,4,6,7.

Simply Parenting (Developmental Videos)

Videos of development from newborn to 2 years of age; includes development and parenting tips; excellent resource.

Pediatric Physical Exam Video


Video of child exam; great for early learners.

Clinical Presentations