Abdominal Pain & Abdominal Mass

Functional abdominal pain
Ovarian torsion
Wilm’s tumor

  • Describe the anatomy, physiology and embryology of the gastrointestinal, genitourinary and reproductive systems
  • Relate locations and patters of abdominal pain to basic anatomy and physiology
  • Describe normal stooling patters and the influence of diet
  • Describe the differences between upper and lower intestinal obstruction and their clinical manifestations
  • Identify investigations that may be used in the evaluation of abdominal pain

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

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Overview on acute abdominal pain. Focus on history, physical and differential diagnosis.

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Review article on acute abdominal pain. Focus on the surgical prospective with age specific differential diagnoses.

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Textbook chapter that includes specific section on chronic abdominal pain in children. Brief overview on chronic abdominal pain

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Review article on chronic abdominal pain focusing on functional causes of abdominal pain.

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Case based overview article discussing differential diagnosis of chronic functional abdominal pain.

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A review article on menstruation including primary and secondary amenorrhea as well as dysmenorrhea.

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A review article on pelvic inflammatory disease with CDC guidelines for treatment.

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A review article on many different gynecological conditions including vulvovaginal disorders, STI, PID, pelvic pain and pelvic masses.

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Brief review article discussing abdominal masses in children using an anatomical location approach

Clinical Resources

Managing functional constipation in children.



Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement (2011) on constipation

Children’s Digestive Health Information for Kids and Parents


This website is excellent for patient information

Virtual Patients or Cases

Acute and Chronic Abdominal Pain.



Audio podcast of an approach to acute abdominal pain (13:28 minutes). Audio podcast of an approach to chronic abdominal pain  (13:42 minutes).

Abdominal Pain


Case based quiz on abdominal pain in a child.

Clinical Presentations