Adolescent Health Issues

Disordered eating
Psychosocial history (HEADDSS)
Pubertal development
Sexual health
Sexually transmitted infections
Substance use and abuse

  • Recognize adolescence as a unique developmental phase of the paediatric population
  • Describe the typical and atypical timing and progression of sexual maturation
  • Conduct a structured adolescent psychosocial history
  • Describe factors that positively and negatively impact adolescent health
  • Describe risk factors for and the impact of high-risk behaviours on adolescent health
  • Describe the physiologic consequences of disordered eating

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

Goldenring, JM & Rosen, DS. Getting into adolescent heads: An essential update. Contemporary Pediatrics 2004.

Article in Contemporary Pediatrics, available through the AAP. Lengthy but excellent article. Provides great examples of questions for the adolescent HEADSS history (included in a table within the article).

Goldstein MA, Dechant EJ & Beresin EV.  Eating disorders.  Pediatrics in Review 2011; 32(12): 508- 520.

A review article about important history and physical findings in eating disorders as well as the complications and management of anorexia bulimia.

Clinical Resources

Grieg Health Record

Grieg Health Record for ages 6 to 17 years; covers mental health, adolescence, social and home context. *This is recommended as a MUST READ resource*

Clinical Presentations