Inadequately explained injury

(Child abuse)

Abusive head trauma
Domestic violence
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse

  • Define the different types of child maltreatment
  • List the risk factors for child maltreatment
  • Recognize normal and abnormal patterns of injury in children

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

Flaherty EG et al.  The Pediatrician’s Role in Child Maltreatment Prevention. Pediatrics 2010: 126 (4): 833-841

Good article describing the role of physicians in prevention of child maltreatment. Includes risk factors for maltreatment.

Maguire S. Which injuries may indicate child abuse? Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed 2010 95: 170-177.

Overview article in BMJ.

Clinical Resources

Christian CW et al. The Evaluation of Suspected Child Physical Abuse. Pediatrics 2015: 135 (5): e1337e1355

Good guidelines outlining evaluation of children where physical abuse is suspected.

Jenny C et al. The Evaluation of Children in the Primary Care Setting When Sexual Abuse Is Suspected. Pediatrics 2013:132 (2): e558-e567.

Good guideline describing evaluation of children when sexual abuse is suspected.

The medical assessment of bruising in suspected child maltreatment cases: A clinical perspective.

Canadian Pediatric Society statement (2013) on medical assessment of bruising in suspected child maltreatment

Virtual Patients or Cases

Altered Level of Consciousness.

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Patient case on altered level of consciousness.

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