Development / Behavioural / Learning Problems

Attention deficient disorders
Autism spectrum disorder
Cerebral palsy
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Global delay
Gross motor delay
Learning disability
Speech / language delay

  • Apply basic knowledge of neuroanatomy to interpret findings of a pediatric neurodevelopmental examination
  • Define the 5 developmental domains used in describing children’s development: gross motor, fine motor, speech & language, cognitive and social emotional
  • List major age-related developmental milestones through age 5
  • Recognize that prenatal, perinatal and postnatal factors may influence development
  • Recognize the importance of early identification and intervention for developmental, behavioural and learning problems

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement (2002, 2013) For new diagnostic criteria – table 1

McQuiston S & Kloczko M. Speech and language development: Monitoring process and problems. Pediatrics in Review 2011; 32: 230.

Overview, links to foundational knowledge. General review on speech and language development and problems. Good table regarding normal language development. Mnemonic to remember milestones. 

Gerber et al. Developmental milestones: Motor development. Pediatrics in Review 2010; 31: 267-277.

Review of motor development with good pictures; includes red flags for motor delay.  Good tables of milestones.

Shea S. Intellectual Disability (Mental retardation). Pediatrics in Review 2012; 33: 110.

General article on intellectual disability. Good tables.

Clinical Resources

Chudley AE et al. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Canadian guidelines for diagnosis. CMAJ 2005; 172 (5 suppl)

Canadian guidelines for diagnosis of FASD. Very comprehensive. Good tables for diagnostic criteria; good pictures. More detail than required

ADHD Clinical practice guidelines for the Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of ADHD in children and adolescents. Pediatrics 2011; 128: 1007-1022.

Latest American guidelines and up to date evidence based information.

Virtual Patients or Cases

Video glossary with video clips of children with Autism spectrum disorders compared to normally developing children. Clips are short and excellent. Site also reviews the diagnostic criteria for ASD and is a resource for public and professionals.

Speech delay virtual case

Clinical Presentations