Bruising / Bleeding

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

  • Describe the mechanism of hemostasis: platelet plug formation, coagulation cascade and clot stabilization
  • Demonstrate an approach to the interpretation of coagulation studies
  • Describe the indications, contraindications and complications of blood products and their administration

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

Consolini DM. Thrombocytopenia in infants and children. Pediatrics in Review 2011; 32: 135-49.

Review of platelet disorders, causes of thrombocytopenia in children with a focus on ITP- good tables and diagrams for learning.

Zimmerman B & Valentino LA. Hemophilia: In review. Pediatrics in Review 2013; 34: 289.

Good review and foundational knowledge. Reviews clotting cascades.

The medical assessment of bruising in suspected child maltreatment cases: A clinical perspective.

Canadian Pediatric Society Practice Guideline (2013). Good tables, differential diagnoses.

Hutter JJ. Childhood leukemia.  Pediatrics in Review 2010; 31(6): 234-240.

Very scientific and comprehensive. Note: ANNL = AML.

Clinical Presentations