Diaper rashes
Drug eruption
Henoch Scholein Purpura
Scarlet fever
Seborrhea dermatitis
Viral exanthems

  • Describe the anatomy and function of the skin and related structures
  • Describe and classify rashes
  • Name and classify common pathogens that cause rashes
  • Describe the basic principles of pharmacology used in the management of common pediatric rashes

Overview & Foundational Knowledge

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Good general article Includes foundational knowledge, diagnosis and visuals.

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Review article of atopic dermatitis, treatment and complications- good visuals. Atopic dermatitis p 278-283.

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Review of epidemiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnoses, and treatment of acne – good visuals.

O’Connor NR, McLaughlin MR & Ham P. Newborn skin: Part 1 Common rashes. American Family Physician 2008; 77(1): 47-52.

Good general article on common Newborn rashes including seborrhea dermatitis. Good visuals.

Mckinnon HD Jr & Howard T. Evaluating the febrile patient with a rash. American Family Physician 2000; 62(4): 804-816.

General article on viral exanthems with good tables and pictures.

Langley EW, Gigante J, Anaphylaxis, Urticaria and Angioedema. Pediatrics in Review 2013; 34: 247. See section on urticaria page 251-253

Nice review.

Shin HT. Diaper dermatitis that does not quit. Dermatologic Therapy 2005; 18: 12-135.

Good general article with visuals.

Clinical Resources

Scabies management



Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement (2001)

Virtual Patients or Cases

DermNet NZ


Excellent site with pictures of various rashes and limited basic clinical information.

Clinical Presentations